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About Us

We at H.C.S.L are a dedicated team of engineers who set on providing solutions to all your waste & recycling container problems.

Halton Containers

We Are Growing

We are a medium sized but increasingly growing organisation, initially set up in November 2003 as a partnership between Ali Koka and Peter O’Brian. This partnership established the business, soon H.C.S.L gained a foothold in the market, soon becoming one of the leading waste container repairs and refurbishment companies in the region. The main catalyst in their success being great service provided at extremely competitive prices. 

New Beginnings

In April 2008 in the best interests of the business a mutual decision was made to dissolve the partnership and convert Halton Container Services Ltd into a family run business. Ali Koka obtained full control of the company, embarking on a new era with his son Dragan Koka – a graduate of The University of Liverpool. 

Halton Containers

Business Expansion

Using initiative in December 2009, it was decided that to accommodate the businesses expansion a central location was to be established in Liverpool, leaving behind previous unit location in Halton. Since this move the business has been operating more efficiently than ever, maintaining low costs and great service. Highlighted by our very high rate of repeat custom. In recent times the effect of the financial crisis within the economy has resulted in price fluctuation in many commercial sectors, however our customers have obtained profound stability in our services. We absorbed the impact of any supplier price increases without compromising on the quality of our services, whilst ensuring our customers were not affected to a greater extent. 

Who We Are

In 2012, due to rapid growth, it was deemed necessary to expand our premises and a strategic decision was made to relocated at our new site (and current Head office) in Knowsley industrial Estate, increasing our capacity by a huge 1000%, thus allowing for even further growth.  

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